The National Foundation; focused on raising funds for rural Australia

Distributing through charities, organisations, associations and communities.

This Foundation originally traded as Gulf Horizons Foundation, a charity formed in Georgetown in far north Queensland, in 2011.  It was the response to the downturn caused by the live export ban, floods, and fire throughout vast grazing and farming communities. Crippling debt and pressure from financial institutions soon followed, and now aggravated by severe drought throughout rural communities in all Australian States.

The organisation has since grown into the Foundation, with the focus on raising substantial funds from many sources, then distributing those funds Australia wide, to rural organisations, charities, associations and communities that achieve measurable and life-changing results.

Our Focus

The Foundation supports Australia’s rural communities suffering from drought, severe debt, stress, lack of food, water, children’s education and downturned communities.

Some initiatives are:

Health – including the Walk N Talk for Life program; aimed at engaging local communities to help support individuals, with a focus on mental health.

WaterRestoration 1788 – Restoring Rural Australia to its Fertile Past.  Focus initially is on farmers, in bringing awareness of financial support, new farming techniques and water technology, in creating efficient farming and water preservation.

Education – supporting local schools and helping ensure that children and families are assisted to access appropriate education and training.

Community – with the We Are Here program; assist communities to showcase their “uniqueness”.  Assist them to acquire skills and resources to energise and re-vitalise.

Business – through the Let’s Get Rural program; help local business to have sufficient employment and financial resources to grow and prosper.

Humanitarian – support local communities to deliver emergency programs and address urgent needs. Our Drought Relief Project is an example.

How We Raise Funds

This Foundation raises funds via multiple methods, in order to help meet the demands needed in our broken rural heartland:

Our Famous Art Unions, featuring unique prizes.  See here on Facebook:

Individual donations.  Please donate here

Corporate Sponsors

Please contact us here to learn more and support our nation’s rural communities.

Special Fundraising Events.

Government Grants.

Corporate Grants.

Multiple donation boxes in shops and businesses.

If your club, firm, organisation or group are seeking to support rural Australia, please feel free to contact us.  You can even pinpoint exactly where you would like your funds to reach and make a difference.

How We Distribute

The Foundation carefully selects proven charities, organisations, local service clubs, associations and communities.  

Contracts are entered into, or alliance agreements formed, to guarantee that maximum funds are distributed, to exactly the right recipients, at the very lowest possible cost.

Some of our latest distributions have been:

Happiness Co Foundation (WA)

$451,250 for assistance with rural mental health programs

Flash Market Foundation


Drought Relief Project

$80,000 to Cobar Rotary to pay for road trains of stock feed for drought-struck animals in the Wilcannia area of NSW.




Milang and District Community Association



Paramount Media



Forsayth All Sports



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“We can’t stop the drought and bring on rain, but with your help we can certainly ease the misery, stress and staggering hardships our rural people and communities are currently experiencing!”  Penny Johnson, Board Director and former Deputy Mayor of Cook Shire, Queensland.