The National Foundation for raising funds for rural Australia

Our personal message to you: 

Don’t let distance divide us. 

We can be there for our mates in so many ways. 

Like you, Australian Horizons Foundation (AHF) is about MATESHIP and SUPPORTING our fellow Aussies and regardless of where we live or work, we appreciate how important it is to feel like a part of the community and have a reason to wake up every day. 

At AHF we also understand that a person’s well – being is the key to being able to ride out the tough times and we know that the mongrel black dog of depression can hit just about any age at any time- in town or country.

The severity of extended drought conditions exacerbates the challenges many farming families and rural communities already face. For some, it very well may be the last straw. 

This is where the Australian Horizons Foundation comes in! 

Due to isolation which causes dislocation, the need to show our fellow Aussies on the land and in the country towns that we care is ever so important. Words of support can raise the spirits and fair-dinkum actions through practical initiatives can help a family or business hang in there until conditions improve both out in the bush and in town. So just how do we help? 

A happy community is a vibrant community which in turn is a healthy community.


VISION: AUSTRALIAN HORIZONS FOUNDATION collaborates with like-minded organisations, fellow charities, corporations, community groups and individuals, to deliver humanitarian aid for Australians in rural and remote communities. In doing so, AUSTRALIAN HORIZONS FOUNDATION fosters connections and understanding between city dwellers and people in the country.

MISSION: To identify and work to address humanitarian needs in rural and remote Australian communities. To foster stronger connections and deeper understanding between city dwellers and people in the country. 

BOARD: Our board is made up of a team of passionate and knowledgeable volunteers who live and work in rural Australia. Each has their own experience of the vagaries of nature and appreciate the unique challenges of physical and social isolation. Board members have a strong involvement within their own community and have a breadth of experience across a range of industries and business enterprises. The board meets face to face throughout the year and due to the vast distances between board members, utilises modern communication channels to ensure effective and regular communication.

The board of AHF constantly strives for excellence in governance, building relationships and addressing need. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that transparency and accountability underpin all our activities. We know that when the going gets tough, it’s time to roll up the sleeves and get to work. Aussies helping Aussies. We invite you to join us today.


Our board consists of:

  • John Bethel (Founder, Chairman and Director.  Located in Far North Queensland)
  • Joe Lockyer (Vice Chair and Director. Located in Far North Queensland)
  • Penny Johnson (Director. Located in Far North Queensland)
  • Neill Newtown (Director. Located in Far North Queensland)
  • Anita Donlon (National Marketing and Fundraising Chairman and Director. Located in Central Victoria) 

Together our team work tirelessly on ensuring that good governance, transparency and accountability underpin all our activities.

Due to the vast distance between board members,  regular board meetings are held via teleconference with regular communication.

If you would to know the nuts and bolts behind    the scenes as to who we are and what we do please visit this page.

"We can't make it rain, but with your help, we can make a difference!"

Penny Johnson
Former Deputy Mayor Cook Shire, Bart's wife, mother of 3, passionate advocate for the bush and AHF board member.