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Supporting Mates

We all know the importance of having mates:

1. From a young age when we start school we are buddied up, so we have a peer to support us.

2. As adults it is even more important so we can tackle the challenges of life.

3. Lifelong friends are important.

4. We advocate mateship here at the Australian Horizons foundation.

5. That coffee, cold beer and a chat is so important for our mental health. 

6. Social and mental timeout to relax has been proved a necessity by medical professionals around the world regardless of age. 

Meet some of our mates, the Mason Boys and Flemo

Clint who is the lead singer of the outfit is a third generation farmer and understands not only the challenges of being a farmer but also the reaction from those who come along to a show.

Coupled with lyrics resonating country life and the importance of family and mateship, Clint and his fellow band members see first hand the reaction from those who attend shows around the country.

Laughter is the best medicine and again, one of biggest supporters is a comedian who also grew up in the country.

Justin “Flemo” Fleming also understands the power of laughter and even more so witnesses the positive effects of laughter at shows in not only the city but also country towns. 

Flemo features in our WE ARE HERE documentary that saw him travel to multiple rural communities and tells the story of the issues our rural communities are encountering. 

We welcome you to join us to bring mateship to our rural folk by supporting us in our efforts to bring social and economic respite to rural Australia.
“Mates helping mates” is a motto we hope will ripple throughout Australia as we deliver projects to combat the black dog.

"We can't make it rain, but with your help, we can make a difference!"

Penny Johnson
Former Deputy Mayor Cook Shire, Bart's wife, mother of 3, passionate advocate for the bush and AHF board member.