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The Australian Horizons Foundation (AHF) is a nationally recognised charity that operates as the fundraising and engagement arm of the Georgetown (FNQ) based Gulf Horizons Foundation (GHF).

Working in collaboration with like-minded organisations, fellow charities, corporations, community groups and individuals, AHF strives to deliver humanitarian aid for Australians in rural and remote communities.

AHF was formed by a group of ordinary Aussies in the Gulf of Carpentaria when the communities were enduring hardship following a series of disastrous impacts that were beyond their control. 

Families, businesses, and communities were reeling from the ongoing effects of severe drought, BJD quarantine, widespread fires, devastating floods, and the economic downturn coupled with the ban on live cattle export and mounting pressure from financial institutions. 

They saw an urgent need to establish a national arm to help address the social and economic stresses affecting families, businesses and small towns across the country.  They have since worked to develop relationships with alliance partners and strong supporters across the nation, joining together to raise awareness and much-needed funds to provide relief. Mental health and the overall well-being of rural families and these small communities are the focus of AHF with the charity endeavoring to foster a greater understanding and connection between our city cousins and the people in the bush.  Let distance not divide us.


AHF knows that every time we eat a meal, we should all thank a farmer. The Foundation is also acutely aware that farms are small businesses who are the lifeblood of our country towns and rural communities.

Rural communities and small towns are rich in history and culture, offering unique experiences to visitors and residents alike. 

But it is these small towns and rural communities that often feel the brunt of natural disasters, changes in the tourism industry, economic downturn and perverse policies well before they impact cities, and they need our support and understanding NOW.

Support from the UK from an ex pat
Thank you Kangaroo Kid for taking time out of your show schedule for this message

#winMADSAM did a stop over in @Visitportpirie enroute back home after @RedCentreNATS @ShannonsNats

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"We can't make it rain, but with your help, we can make a difference!"

Penny Johnson
Former Deputy Mayor Cook Shire, wife of Bart, mother, passionate advocate for the bush and AHF board member.