Meet the CEO

Neill Newton

Neill had taken a sabbatical and returned to Australia in 2014, after 26 years abroad, half in the USA in Memphis Tennessee, and the other half in China, where he had founded his humanitarian medical charity – Global Flying Hospitals based in Macau SAR.

In the USA he was the developer of ‘Differentiation’ – a new model for fast business growth utilizing innovation, creativity and uniqueness. This coaching was presented to business clients via keynote speaking, seminars, audio programs and books in five countries. His program culminated in his top-selling book.  Click here: ‘Uniqueness is a Red Striped Zebra

He presented throughout the US, UK and Malaysia and included:

Seminar tours with Brig. General Myrna Williamson (US Army’s highest ranking female officer upon retirement)

Interviewing and production of business-development audio programs with legends as:

  • Howard Putnam (CEO Southwest Airlines)
  • Kemmons Wilson (Founder, Holiday Inns)
  • Francis X. Maguire (key founding officer, FedEx and KFC)
  • Sir Tom Farmer (founder – Kwikfit – U.K)
  • Dr. Robert Kreigel (New York Times top selling author)
  • John Spoelstra (Pres. – New Jersey Jets)
  • Larry Lacewell (recruiter for Dallas Cowboys)
  • Jane Pierotti (former National Marketing Director, IBM and VP Marketing; Holiday Inns).

He was the winner of the Keynote Speaker’s competition (International Speakers Association, Washington DC); and presented with the “Keys” to the city of Memphis, Tennessee, by the Mayor.

China Experience

Neill was the prime business consultant in NE China’s Liaoning Province, (Director of China Fortune Investment Group) assisting firms with mergers, IPO’s, Sarbanes Oxley Compliance, investment seminars, business growth strategies; as well as consultant to the Liaoning Province and Shenyang city governments; liaison between Deutsche Boerse (Frankfurt Stock Exchange) and China firms seeking listings.

He is the CEO and a Director of Australian Horizons Foundation 

He is an English and Mandarin speaker, pilot, business author, keynote speaker, lives in the gym – and still maintains his humanitarian medical charity.

Neill believes this Foundation will become the nation’s foundation … that will be the catalyst for a movement to revive rural Australia!

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