Organisations and Projects the Foundation Supports

Here’s just a sample … of what the Foundation supports:

ARE YOU BOGGED MATE?  … is all about helping country blokes talk about mental health and suicide while spreading awareness about depression in the bush. Featured on LandLine, it has been the most watched segment in the show’s history.  The Foundation is a major supporter! See here

OTIS – the Foundation donated $500,000 to them in January 2021, to help women suffering breast cancer to have rest and getaways from the trauma.  

ROTARY – the Foundation has distributed well over $200,000 to help them feed starving livestock, or solve water and drought challenges in their regions.

Walk ‘n’ Talk – the Foundation has helped this organisation establish multiple chapters, where people can get together to help each other.  See here

BUSHED AUSTRALIA – the Foundation has started funding this wonderful organisation which helps rural children with their education.  Many times farmers cannot afford the fuel to drive their kids to school, or certainly restricted to place them into the traditional boarding colleges. One of the 6 areas of the Foundation’s focus is on education in the bush.  Your help is needed to help cover all of rural Australia.

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