Our Raffle Programs

Here’s just a sample … of what the Foundation supports:

Utilising Art Unions (raffles) with special car prizes provided by Eye Candy Motorsports, and support with OneRaise and FlashMarket; the Foundation has established a solid fundraising pillar over a few short years.

Although this is only one of our fundraising “pillars” … it has been a powerful nation-wide driver to bring awareness to the plight of Australia’s rural communities suffering drought, debt, lack of resources, medical, education and many other needs.


As of January 2021, the Foundation had completed its 25th Art Union with Eye Candy Motorsport’s vehicles – and the Board gives them a big thank you. Thank you for the 25 cars and over $2,000,000 worth of prizes to the 54 lucky winners, but more importantly a big thank you for the $5.23 million that they have raised for charitable causes.

With that money the Foundation has been able to assist a number of charity partners as they have rolled out a range of programs for people in need across rural Australia including:

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