Art Union

The National Foundation; focused on raising funds for rural Australia

Art Unions are one method the Foundation utilizes to raise funds, along with corporate sponsorships, private and company donations, grants, VIP events, bequeaths, and special projects.

Here are some of the winners of Australian Horizons Foundation Famous Art Unions:

Winners of our last eight (8) Art Unions:

Michael Elliot – Indian Chief Classic motorcycle, 2) Luke Henderson – Indian Chief Dark Horse, 3) Janet Seddon – Indian Scout 1200, 4) Eddie Krausts – Indian Chief Vintage, 5) Amy Thomas – Kia Sportage car, 6) Emma Kelly, Petena Thomas, David Lavithis, Terri Humphreys, K Oleinkoff – Payment of Household Bills and Gift Cards, 7) Mathew King – VE HSV Clubsport ..… and 8) Kevin Kemp – HSV VF GTS vehicle.

  • Total ticket sales: $1,744,572
  • Total prizes given to winners: $489,766
  • Total distributions to external partners and programs in rural Australia: $680,000
  • Retained by Foundation for staff, administration and internal special charitable programs (such as; We Are Here) – $219,310 (13%)

                        ABN: 49 151 678 161

“We can’t stop the drought and bring on rain, but with your help we can certainly ease the misery, stress and staggering hardships our rural people and communities are currently experiencing!” 

Penny Johnson, Board Director and former Deputy Mayor of Cook Shire, Queensland.