Sponsors and Alliance Partners

The National Foundation; focused on raising funds for rural Australia

Some of our Sponsors and Alliance Partners

Eye Candy Motorsports – The Foundation has engaged with this wonderful firm to provide fully transformed, high-performance motor vehicles, which are one-of-a-kind, for our “Famous Art Unions” prizes.  Troy Williams at ECM, has a heart for rural Australia, so this unique Alliance brings our ticket buyers opportunities to win these fabulous prizes, while supporting the struggling communities of rural Australia with the raffle proceeds. Visit ECM here 

Flash Market – Matt Gollan, the founder of this unique marketing company, engaged with the Foundation as a Strategic Partner,  adding his expertise in assisting growth, because he realizes that without serious funding input and exposure for rural Australia, there would be no end in sight for our rural communities. Flash Market is a very unique firm, and we encourage you to visit them to see how they can also help your firm grow.  Visit their FB page here

Community Shares – The Foundation and Community Shares have developed a unique relationship.  The principal is Mark Rudd, a highly seasoned CFO and a leader in Australian Charity finances, funding, auditing and not-for-profit law.   Community Shares contracts to the Foundation in overseeing our Art Unions’ compliances, along with developing special contracts and engagements with various vendors, supporters, beneficiaries and partners.
Rotary Club of Cobar – In searching and developing methods for distributing funds to recipients that minimize or eliminate costs, this Rotary Club alliance has given exceptional results.  The Foundation does not have field staff, so costs are greatly reduced, yet the service club alliance provides feet-on-the-ground to deliver goods and services for the Foundation.  Plus, the local service clubs know the exact needs of their communities.  The Foundation is exploring more alliances of this nature … as it has proven to be a unique business model.   Visit their FB page here

The Foundation Invites Your Sponsorship

We can help you reach new demographics for your products and services.  We can help you advance and grow your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  More importantly, we can help you demonstrate to Australia, that your firm, organisation or establishment truly cares for our suffering rural heart and are prepared to act.

Contact CEO@gulfhorizons.org now … and let’s talk about mutually beneficial marketing and promotional initiatives that help this Foundation, your organisation … and rural Australia.

If you would to know the nuts and bolts behind the scenes as to who we are and what we do please visit this page.

“We can’t stop the drought and bring on rain, but with your help we can certainly ease the misery, stress and staggering hardships our rural people and communities are currently experiencing!” 

Penny Johnson, Board Director and former Deputy Mayor of Cook Shire, Queensland.