Structure and Board


The Foundation is governed by a Board of skill-based Directors who have a strong relationship and experience in rural Australia, covering multiple decades. The Board’s role is in applying good governance, compliance with all regulatory authorities, observance of all laws and a zealous fiscal oversight of the organisation’s operations.


The Foundation complies with a Constitution developed by the original founders, thence in 2016 a six-person working group redeveloped it to enhance the organisation’s direction, thence in 2018 fine-tuning took place to reflect it as the National Foundation for Rural Australia. The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) houses the Constitution, however, you can download a copy here.


The Foundation operates with a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Finance Officer,Administration Manager, Corporate Services Director etc.


As of 2021, management is forming the Funds Distribution Committee, to be peopled by experienced professionals from rural sectors, accounting, law, academe etc. This Committee will review donation applications, arranges contracts, distribute funds and monitor funds usage via milestone achievement, contract compliance and final reporting from recipients. This is ensures the achievement of effective results in helping rural Australia. This Committee reports to the Chief Finance Officer and Board.


Since inception, the organisation has undergone annual Audits, by well-respected firms. These are submitted to the ACNC. In the 2020/21 financial year, the Auditor firm is the global firm; BDO in Cairns, Qld. The Board welcomes such in-depth auditing as it allows for complete transparency of funds, a spotlight on the organisation’s methods and the opportunity to make adjustments advised by the Auditors, if needed.  

Our Board

Neill Newton

John Bethel

Joe Lockyer

Penny Johnson

The Foundation is an ACNC Registered Charity

Like to know more, please visit here at the Australian Charities and Not‑For‑Profits Commission