Warriors 4 Wildlife

The National Foundation; focused on raising funds for rural Australia

Warriors 4 Wildlife

The Foundation supports Warriors 4 Wildlife.  This amazing not-for-profit organisation rescues and rehabilitates injured or orphaned wildlife and releases them back into their natural habitat. Their shelter also takes in small domestic animals, reunites them with their owners or helps them find new homes. 

Located in Victoria, Warriors 4 Wildlife was founded in 2015 by Carla Penn and Natalie Thomson. They had been self-funded, and now the Foundation has formed an alliance and raises funds to help them.

Warriors 4 Wildlife

Bushfire Help

Aa an example of the Foundation’s support, the devastation of the horrendous Bunyip bush fires, which affected both wildlife and farm animals was lessened, as they delivered 108 tonnes of hay and a many tonnes of hard feed, 90 tonnes of wildlife food and medical supplies,  They’ve now distributed app. 200 tonnes of food and supplies!

Future Goals

Their future goals are to build relationships between farmers and wildlife, to help fund farmers to be more wildlife friendly, with better fencing, and by planting crops, trees, and plants that help to encourage development of healthy ecosystems within the communities, and to assist in providing more sustainable ways for farmers … which also protects our environment.

10,000 Calls

W4W are receiving an average of 10,000 calls for help a year on their animal hotline, and network with almost 200 organisations and individuals within the industry to ensure rescues happen

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“We can’t stop the drought and bring on rain, but with your help we can certainly ease the misery, stress and staggering hardships our rural people and communities are currently experiencing!” 

Penny Johnson, Board Director and former Deputy Mayor of Cook Shire, Queensland.