What the Foundation Funds

Distribution of funds to six (6) focus areas!

Health – Humanitarian – Water – Community – Business – Education

As of January 2021, the Foundation had distributed over $5.23 million to rural Australia, from stock feed for starving livestock, water tank and pipe provisions in drought regions, mental health organisations, bush fire relief … and in that January; $500,000 for the Breast Cancer relief organisation OTIS Foundation, their largest donation in 20 years! 

However, the Foundation has big plans to exponentially grow the funding distributions!

A sample of where the Foundation has distributed funds:

Funds for stockfeed … for starving animals.
Funds to ease the burden of women suffering breast cancer!
Funds for water pipe installation to bring water to the house and farm.
Funds to help repair farm fences after serious bushfires.
Funds for easing the stress and anxiety of hard-working Aussies. An average of ten (10) Australians commit suicide every day, in rural communities (according to various organisations this Foundation supports!)
Funds for Australian service people – undergoing serious health and economic issues.
Funds for rural children’s education

Australia’s rural heart is BROKEN!