The National Foundation; focused on raising funds for rural Australia

Our Structure


The Foundation is governed by a Board of skill-based Executive Directors and non-Executive Directors. The Board’s role is in applying good governance, compliance with all regulatory authorities, observance of all laws and a zealous fiscal oversight of the organisation’s operations.


The Foundation complies with a strong Constitution.  It was developed by the original founders, thence in 2016 a six-person working group reviewed it to enhance the organisation’s  development, thence in 2018 fine-tuning took place to reflect the Australia-wide, Foundation vision and focus. The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission houses the Constitution.


The Foundation operates on a professional platform of Chief Executive Officer, Chief Finance Officer, Director of Marketing, and an experienced Administration team as Finance Officer, Corporate Services Director etc.


The Funds Distribution Committee is peopled by experienced volunteer professionals from rural sectors, accounting, law, academe etc. This Committee reviews applications, arranges contracts, and distributes funds.  It is responsible for monitoring funds usage via milestone achievement, contract compliance and final reporting from the alliance recipients. This is paramount, as it ensures the achievement of the most affective results possible in helping rural Australia.  This Committee reports to the Chief Finance Officer and Board. Results are published on this site.


Since inception, the organisation has undergone annual Audits, by well-respected auditing firms.  These audits are submitted to the ACNC for public scrutiny. The Board welcomes such in-depth auditing as it allows for complete transparency of funds, a spotlight on the organisations systems and methods and the opportunity to make adjustments advised by the Auditors, if needed.  

Fundraising Methods

The Foundation undertakes many fundraising initiatives, from Art Unions, Sponsorships, Donations, Grants, Crowd Funding and more.  Tour our website to see some of these initiatives.

Corporate Sponsorships

The Foundation welcomes Corporate Australia into sponsorships, as it allows firms seeking to enrich their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to do so in helping heal the broken heart of rural Australia.  Such sponsorships also allows fundraising projects and shared marketing initiatives to enhance both organisations to an Australia-wide audience.

Individual Support

The Foundation invites you … and welcomes all Australians onboard. A single donation, small or large, is most welcomed … and collectively, as Australians, we can resuscitate the heartland of Australia and bring back to prosperity our great and wide land.  Please make your donation here

BOARD: Our board is made up of a team of passionate and knowledgeable volunteers who live and work in rural Australia. Each has their own experience of the vagaries of nature and appreciate the unique challenges of physical and social isolation. Board members have a strong involvement within their own community and have a breadth of experience across a range of industries and business enterprises. The board meets face to face throughout the year and due to the vast distances between board members, utilises modern communication channels to ensure effective and regular communication.

The board of AHF constantly strives for excellence in governance, building relationships and addressing need. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that transparency and accountability underpin all our activities. We know that when the going gets tough, it’s time to roll up the sleeves and get to work. Aussies helping Aussies. We invite you to join us today.

Our board consists of:

  • John Bethel (Founder, Chairman and Director.  Located in Far North Queensland)
  • Joe Lockyer (Vice Chair and Director. Located in Far North Queensland)
  • Penny Johnson (Director. Located in Far North Queensland)
  • Neill Newtown (Director. Located in Far North Queensland)

Together our team work tirelessly on ensuring that good governance, transparency and accountability underpin all our activities.

If you would to know the nuts and bolts behind    the scenes as to who we are and what we do please visit this page.

We can’t stop the drought and bring on rain, but with your help we can certainly ease the misery, stress and staggering hardships our rural people and communities are currently experiencing!” 

Penny Johnson, Board Director and former Deputy Mayor of Cook Shire, Queensland.